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iminneed4 30 December in 09:19

Miss C is such a SuperMistress!

hypnoslut 10 December in 11:41

She is my Owner

parrot 22 November in 08:49

ty ty ty my chris for again the most wonderful time with you. kisssssss and hugggs

parrot 29 October in 12:46

again a joy to see and talk to you My Chris kissssssss and huggggs

parrot 8 October in 09:03

always a great pleasure to send time with you my chris

Dad135 3 October in 13:54


Dad135 13 September in 11:38

My goddess Is the most perfect humanbeing ever! Excellent woman!

parrot 20 August in 11:40

thanks for another amazing and wonderful time my sweet chris

parrot 30 July in 07:51

you are the best chris

parrot 17 July in 13:58

the most wonderful woman kiss my chris if i can still call you my chris

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